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I was actually eating a healthy diet and my overall health habits were quite good.

But, there were always a few (between 5 and 10) pounds that I struggled with losing, and I also suspected that gluten might have something to do with my tendency to suffer from bloating, and sometimes fatigue. My turning point was when I decided that I needed help with this.

As a health-coach, I felt like I already knew what to do, but I also recognized that asking for help and getting support would make my success much more likely. It turned out to be true!

On the program, I ate a great variety of delicious food and I did drop those 10 pounds easily. My digestion improved greatly, as did my energy levels.

I’m now able to support my own clients to go gluten-free, and I can do so from a place of knowing the path and the results.”

~ Patricia Black, Holistic Health Coach

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