Back Pain Due to Dairy and Rice

By on May 1, 2013

Over the past five years that I have been using Biohealth’s lab tests to help optimize my health (testing to help you determine how you are functioning at the digestive, hormonal, detoxification, and immune system), as well as, eating for my Metabolic Type® .  I have seen enormous benefits to my energy levels, my skin, my hair, and the shape of my body.  I have never felt better in my life! I eat organically and sustainable locally grown foods that have not been sprayed with pesticides, herbicides and fungicides,  90%-100% of the time.  My diet is very clean so when I eat foods that I am sensitive to I can target which foods bother me immediately.

Five years ago if you told me that foods would affect the pain that I experienced in my low back yesterday, I would have probably not have believed you.  However, after healing myself and eating an extremely clean diet I see how unaware I was five years ago.

My grandmother, who is 80 years old and looks 65, was visiting this past weekend.  Genetics must a play an essential row as to why she look fabulous, as well as, her drive to stay very active by working in the garden and going to the YMCA with my grandfather 3 times a week.

My concern is that even though she looks fabulous she is also on 10 different medications.  She eats very differently than I do!  When she visits it it often difficult because I won’t buy the products that she eats such as Kellogg’s Cereals and pasteurized/homogenized milk.  Therefore,  I stock my refrigerator with foods that she could eat, and that I feel in good conscience I can support such as raw goats milk cheese, many fresh locally grown vegetables,  grass-fed meats.   I bought raw goats milk cheese from the “goat” lady at the Farmer’s Market and freshly made organic bread from Hawthorne Valley.  She loved it, even though it was out of her comfort zone.

My grandmother support the idea that a low-fat diet is best, even after many conversations with her.  Family members are the most stubborn and difficult clients…so now I don’t even try.   She follows a low-fat diet with a lot of processed foods, conventionally raises meats, and vegetable oils.  However, she grew up on a diet that was pesticide-free, and her family bought raw milk and butter.  Which is one reason I think she looks fabulous today.

During my grandmother’s stay, I was eating foods that I don’t normally eat such as much more raw dairy and rice bread.  What I found very interesting is how amazing the body is at telling you exactly what it does and doesn’t like.  I don’t normally eat any type of dairy because I don’t feel energetic or full of vitality when I eat it.  Occasionally, I have a little raw butter on my vegetables I feel fine.  If I continue to eat it day after day I feel my energy drop.

Well, long story short I was eating much more dairy while my grandma was in town.  I was also eating rice bread, which I eat on occasion.  By the third day of eating these two specific foods, my face broke out in pimples and my back was extremely sore.  When I went to bend over, I was in serious PAIN!

Now three days later, going back to eating vegetables, fruit, and meats…I feel strong, happy, and healthy.  Food really does affect how we look and feel.  Most of us would think that our backs went out because we exercised too hard or picked up a piece of furniture incorrectly.  Often, it has to do with inflammation in our gut.  When there is inflammation, there is a lack of stability in the muscles and joints surrounding that specific area.  In order to be strong and stable it requires me to stay away from dairy and rice.

My skin has now cleared up and my back is well on it way to happy days! Every day we are either creating life and vitality or death and destruction to the body…what are you creating?

With Lots of Love and a Pain-free Life,



  1. roland

    January 26, 2014 at 7:38 pm

    hy, I’m one of them that are searching the net for advice and thanks for you sharing your experience. I’m gluten free for 2 1/2 years. when going gluten free mine 25 year back pain also disappear, but recently have return, at the moment I’m suspecting it can be the rice or chicken that i’m eating daily.

  2. Danyelle Demchock

    January 27, 2014 at 10:38 pm

    Hey Roland!

    Grains in general can cause a lot of inflammation in the body. I would suggest coming off rice for awhile and seeing if that helps your back. When there is inflammation in the gut do to specific foods, the inflammation shuts down the the muscles and the joints surrounding that area. There for your back won’t be as stable, which can create pain.

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