By on September 13, 2013

“Three years ago I embarked on a journey of increasing my health after realizing that my energy levels were lower than they should be.

Despite attempts at correcting diet, my weight was also not steady, and I had trouble with normal elimination/digestion.

Before I underwent my protocol, Danyelle helped me to feel empowered by explaining why the body can be challenged in certain ways and how we can change those factors once we become clear on what they are.

Danyelle educated me on all the options available, and made me feel comfortable and enthusiastic about testing. In shorter time then I could have imagined I had taken all the recommended lab tests.

The results were astounding!

Through Danyelle’s program, she showed me that my digestion was severely compromised due to prior years of eating gluten and processed foods.

By eliminating gluten out of my diet, corn, rice, and pasteurized dairy to began to feel great. Oh, and I always buy high quality foods from my local farmer’s market and CSA…that boosts my energy and eliminated sugar cravings!


I would recommend her services to anyone who is looking to solve their health issues. Her process truly works!”

Carrie Myers
Holistic Corrective Exercise Kinesiologist
Amherst, MA


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