Gluten Free and Gorgeous


But is it Possible That the Secret to Going Gluten Free Permanently Could Be Fearless & Easy?


danyelle-demchockThe Answer Is Yes!

No matter how impossible it might feel to go gluten free – even if you are ruled by cravings for bread, pasta, chocolate cake, and cookies – you can change everything with ease & satisfaction.

I’m Danyelle Demchock – and I did it myself.

I was overwhelmed, depressed, sick, & confused about what gluten was & what it was in. Now, I discovered these amazing gluten free secrets & I want to share them with you so that your transition can be painless.

Inside You’ll Learn:

  • How to break the gluten addiction once and for all, whether your weakness is pizza, chocolate cake or cookies – you’ll never believe how painless it can be when you have the right information
  • How to transform the “frustration and confusion” of what to eat into a clear cut plan of action
  • How to never be tempted by bread at the dinner table — 1 simple trick to fill the void without bread… without feeling like you’re missing out
  • The single most important thing you missed when you tried going gluten free in the past — HOW TO ELIMINATE THE TEMPTATION FOR GOOD.  (YOU will want to give it another shot after you hear this because it makes so much sense why it didn’t work before)…
  • This also keeps your energy sky high and helps you lose weight without experiencing the typical sluggishness, low-energy, and crankiness of a gluten laden diet
  • How to make easy gluten-free snacks that will make your mouth water in just 3 minutes… you’ll want to make these healthy gluten-free snacks every day!
  • How to eliminate that unwanted poochy belly and slim your waistline in just 7 days…

“Thanks for helping me take my health back Danyelle!”

“Before I began working with Danyelle, I didn’t even realize that my Type 1 Diabetes was being affected by the amount of gluten that I was eating.

I also noticed that my belly was bloated after eating bread and having a beer here and there but just thought that was “normal”.

dean-4I was sick and tired of not liking the way that I felt and looked. My eye opening experience occurred after a friend of my mom’s, who is also a Type 1 diabetic, shared that she had to have foot amputated because she did not take care of her diabetes…that scared me enough that I sought to take responsibility for my health. I didn’t want that to be me!

I started working with Danyelle…she immediately suggested that I come off gluten, fruits, and designed a nutritional plan that was very, very specific to my body. It was so easy, and the best part was that it worked.

I followed the plan, and within two weeks I cut my insulin levels in half! Oh, and my belly started to disappear before my very eyes.

Thanks for helping me take my health back Danyelle!”

~ Dean Horton, Holistic Healing Coach

“Asking for help and getting support would make my success more likely.”

“I was actually eating a healthy diet and my overall health habits were quite good.

But, there were always a few (between 5 and 10) pounds that I struggled with losing, and I also suspected that gluten might have something to do with my tendency to suffer from bloating, and sometimes fatigue. My turning point was when I decided that I needed help with this.

As a health-coach, I felt like I already knew what to do, but I also recognized that asking for help and getting support would make my success much more likely. It turned out to be true!

On the program, I ate a great variety of delicious food and I did drop those 10 pounds easily. My digestion improved greatly, as did my energy levels.

I’m now able to support my own clients to go gluten-free, and I can do so from a place of knowing the path and the results.”

~ Patricia Black, Holistic Health Coach

“Someone I trust…”

Danyelle is a truly gifted practitioner. She continually educates herself in every area that could impact her clients health and well-being.

Danyelle takes the time to practice what she preaches and is always growing as a person and as a healer. What I find most inspiring about Danyelle is how pure her intentions are.

She seeks out modalities and knowledge to make sure she is on top of her game. She takes the time to go above and beyond and consider the future health of her clients and makes it a high priority to instruct them in activities that will allow them longevity in their health and mobility.

She is someone you can trust to never hurt you. It is the main reason I referred my clients to her when I moved from NYC.

A great many of my clients that work with Danyelle had all ranges of injuries, fibromyalgia, and bone diseases. They are very happy to work with her now and I am very grateful that I was able to leave my clients with someone I trust.”

~ Geneviéve Eskridge, Doctorate of Physical Therapy Student, Personal Trainer, Nutrition and Lifestyle Coach

“I don’t look at other programs anymore…”


“I feel like I have tried every program out there to feel better, become more healthy, and to lose weight. Before I was led to Danyelle, I kept thinking I needed to try everything I came across. I found that I wasn’t working those programs very well and felt like nothing was going to help me. Once I was lucky enough to work with Danyelle, a lot of things started making sense to me.

Prior to my work with Danyelle, I had chronic back pain, consistent migraine headaches, and heartburn almost daily. Using the handouts Danyelle provided made it easy to go gluten free and to make positive changes in my life. The recipes and her encouragement helped me go from never cooking (and I mean NEVER!) to cooking all my meals.

My headaches have decreased to the point that I can’t remember the last time I had to take migraine medication. My back pain has decreased substantially, and the knee pain I started to have has also decreased substantially. In addition to all this, the heartburn is a thing of the past. I don’t look at other programs anymore. I know that by being gluten-free and following Danyelle’s advice, I don’t need any other program to be healthy.

I have so much gratitude for my path crossing with Danyelle’s and will be forever grateful for her influence in my life.”

~ Paula Clements

“Danyelle is amazing…”


“Danyelle is amazing at looking at many holistic variables that contribute to one’s response to nutrition as well as creating a plan based upon highly individualized variables. More so than that, she’s exceedingly caring and giving. I would highly recommend Danyelle to anyone seeking improved an optimal health!”

~ Joey Z., New York, NY

With Love,