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By on August 6, 2014

How has your summer been unfolding?

I’ve had a lovely summer…over the next month I will be going to an Artistic Goddess Retreat in upstate New York, a rejuvenating mind, body and spirit retreat and going home for my grandparents 65th Wedding Anniversary!

But before I jet off to my retreats and family…I wanted to let you know about a few very exciting changes that are happening.

I am going to be making a 1-2 minute video for you each week on exactly what you desire to discover about cleaning up your diet, eating healthier without sacrificing deliciousness, creating more meaningful relationships, sizzling up your sex life, or maybe different types of movement that feel good on your body, help you boost your energy and metabolism without spending all day at the gym.

…And we are keeping it short so you get exactly what you want without sitting in front of your computer all day researching! We are going to get right to the point with the best tips on creating a hot, passionate amazing life that feels and looks amazing on you. You can think of these mini videos as daily Hot Health Bites for creating your amazing body and life while living life more fully.

So all you have to do is watch this video, hit reply to this email and share with me what you most desire to hear more about.

I do want to address as many of your questions and desires so PLEASE DON’T WAIT!!! There are only 52 weeks in a year (we will receive a huge response) so email me now and share with me topics and/or questions that spark your curiosity now.

I can’t wait to hear from you, love!

Lots of love,


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