Interview with Esther Boeker

By on September 4, 2016

Hello Beauty,

How many times when someone asks you how you are do you reply with ok?

I know I did for years and even catch myself at times now. The “ok” implies to me today that there is some part of me not filling me up completely or that I don’t even know what part of me needs to be filled.

As a woman, I have decided that “fine” and “ok” are no longer states that I desire to be in. And it indicates to me when I am feeling that way that I haven’t filled myself up…my cup is 1/2 empty.

It’s our responsibility to know what fills us up, turns us on and ignites our fire. And it starts with our desires. What do you desire?

I ask myself, what would I need right now to feel alive, vibrant, radiant and full? Do I need more deep and connecting conversations with men or my sisters, more rose petal baths, bubble baths, massages, touch, more delicious and satisfying foods?

I would like you to meet my client, Esther Boeker. She is a perfect example of a “fine” to “fabulous” life. If you are feeling “fine” in your life, you might want to hear how she flipped “fine” into fabulous…

unnamed esther2
Click the video below to hear her story.

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