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I started working with Danyelle when I was feeling at my worst. I was exhausted, run down, felt bloated and gassy everyday, and felt overwhelmed by life.I was beginning to wonder what was wrong with me, and I was scared.

I had an intuitive sense something wasn’t altogether right with my diet, despite that I prided myself on “eating well.” I didn’t eat meat, ate salads a lot, and didn’t often go to fast food restaurants or pizza places, so I thought I must be doing ok.

Well, what I learned has led to changes which have literally turned my life around!

The things I learned with Danyelle really blew my mind, and as I implemented them, they began to work.

When I started cutting out gluten, my belly immediately flattened and I stopped having so much gas!

…This was a HUGE relief!

Before, a bagel for breakfast or a sandwich for lunch were common choices, and because I was eating “fresh” and “healthy” with veggies on my salad or a dry bagel, I thought I was eating well.


When I stopped eating gluten, my bloat went away, I stopped feeling so gassy and my bowel movements became more regular, my mood improved, my skin improved, and my anxiety level improved a lot!

SAMSUNGNow, if I do happen to eat gluten, I feel the effects right away. I really limit my intake of gluten, as well as white sugar, white flour, dairy products, and soy, and I am continuing to see changes in my body and health.

The changes to the body don’t happen overnight. The most evident change was on the inside (less gas, better mood, more energy) and then on the outside (less bloat), but over time, I have continued to streamline my figure.

My body weight has redistributed, my middle is definitely flatter and slimmer, and overall I am in much better tone, and I have tons more energy.

Danyelle’s program will open a new world to you! The tools for optimum health are here for us, we just have to find them, listen, and use the tools.”

Lola Rephann
New York, NY


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