Metabolic Typing® Breakthrough Program

By on October 30, 2013

… No More Guessing What To Eat To Feel Great.


It’s what turned things around for me for good! THIS WAS THE MISSING PIECE FOR ME.


One big problem I’ve noticed many chronic dieters struggling with is they fail to see the biggest opportunity right in front of them to lose weight, have more energy, and clear up the “food confusion” for good (do I go with a raw foods or Paleo????).

They’re often so busy trying to find the right diet that they’re “supposed” to be doing, that they miss the chances to discover the REAL permanent secrets that are just there waiting for them. (This is true whether a woman is on her first diet or has been dieting for years.)

As you know, I love being of service to passionate women like you, and to the people you care deeply about! So I’ve created a special Metabolic Typing® Breakthrough Program to help you or your loved ones get off the diet roller-a-coaster for good!

I have helped high-end coaching clients dissolve their frustration and confusion around food with a really powerful test that shows you’re what to eat for your unique body so that you enjoy what your eating while feeling sexy…and your social life doesn’t have to end!

Because of their great results, I want to give you access to this really powerful, Advanced test to clear your frustration and “food” confusion for good.

For a limited time only, I’m offering this Program to select people in my circle. This month, I have 10 spots available. When I thought of who might benefit from a session, I thought of all the wonderful, compassionate women I know who deserve more from life than chronic diets and not knowing what to eat to thrive.

Send me a note if you or someone you love would like to have one of these spots and my team will contact you to schedule a time. I would love for one of those spots to be yours if it feels right for you!


The deets of how you get results…   

Here’s How You Get The Results…
  • A 40 Minute One-On-One Advanced Metabolic Typing® Results Session With Danyelle
  • A 30 Minute One-On-One Fine Tuning Session With Danyelle 
  • An Advanced Metabolic Typing® Online Test
  • Your Metabolic Typing® Report: (A 25 page report about your body and metabolism)
  • Personalized Metabolic Typing® Videos specifically designed for your Metabolic Type®


PLUS… BONUSES! (value of $98) 



  • “How To Use Your Nutritional Plan” Handbook
  • “How To Enhance Your Results” Handbook


Total Program Value (with Bonuses): $1086 

For only $497 


You’ll have access to coach with me 1-1 for a one-time only introductory special package!


If you feel like you eat healthy but still don’t feel your best, you just can’t seem to figure out which foods are best for your body or how much protein you should be eating, then you have a unique opportunity to join me for this two-in-one program. But you only have today to secure you spot in both.

Here’s how it will work:

  • Prior to our session, you’ll start by completing The Advanced Metabolic Typing® Test, a powerful online assessment that will show us exactly the foods your body is needing to boost your energy and release weight!
  • During our recorded session, I’ll point out the exactly what your body needs (how much fat, protein, carbs) are best for your body and we’ll create an easy, step-by-step Action Plan so you can start having more energy and release weight more quickly.
  • I’ll gently – but firmly – nudge you beyond your stuck points and create ACCOUNTABILITY, so you can implement your Action Plan.
  • And, I’ll follow up with you in a Check-In phone call to make sure you stay on track and we’ll fine tune your program so you get even better results.

Confidentially, I’ll tell you that I normally reserve private coaching for my high-end private and platinum clients.

For Only…


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