By on September 13, 2013

“Before I began working with Danyelle, I didn’t even realize that my Type 1 Diabetes was being affected by the amount of gluten that I was eating.

I also noticed that my belly was bloated after eating bread and having a beer here and there but just thought that was “normal”.

I was sick and tired of not liking the way that I felt and looked. My eye opening experience occurred after a friend of my mom’s, who is also a Type 1 diabetic, shared that she had to have foot amputated because she did not take care of her diabetes…that scared me enough that I sought to take responsibility for my health. I didn’t want that to be me!

I started working with Danyelle…she immediately suggested that I come off gluten, fruits, and designed a nutritional plan that was very, very specific to my body. It was so easy, and the best part was that it worked.

I followed the plan, and within two weeks I cut my insulin levels in half! Oh, and my belly started to disappear before my very eyes.

Thanks for helping me take my health back Danyelle!

Dean Horton
Hertford, United Kingdom


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