VIP Body & Soul Reboot Elite Retreat

By on August 10, 2013

VIP Body & Soul Reboot Elite Retreat

Reboot Your Body, Life, and Bring Back Your
In Two Days!

The Ultimate Urban Reboot VIP Retreat For Women Who Want To Reboot Their Lives, Shed The Excess Weight And Get Their Sparkle Back – But Never Seem To Find The Time To Slow Down On Their Own!

Dear Amazing Woman Who’s Ready To Feel Like The Goddess You Are,

Does it sometimes feel like there is an extra layer dampening your sparkle?
Are you ready to feel like you are being dipped in warm chocolate? It’s time to really indulge in you.
What if your entire day was customized to every need and want you ever have?

Does this sound like you?

Are you always in a hurry and very productive in all aspects of your life, but you don’t know how to relax and let go?
Do you struggle with your body image, self-confidence and loving your body?
Are you overwhelmed, anxious, dependent on emotional eating and comfort foods?
Are you just tired of trying so hard?
Feeling like you’re DOING all the right things to lose weight but not seeing results?
Feeling like you want to put everything you learned to improve your health but need guidance and in person attention?
Do you struggle to love and connect with yourself?
Is your life alignment with your inner desires?
Find yourself trying to escape from your life through food, alcohol, TV or toxic relationships?
When was the last time you felt radiant, glowing, sparkling and beautiful?

How would it make a difference in your life if you woke up tomorrow, and the whole day was about pampering yourself, you discover you’re  in a beautiful, zen-like hotel, surrounded by beauty and peace…and  you don’t have to be anywhere else…and no one needs your attention.

All you need to do is enjoy, relax, and be pampered all day long by  your personal chef, your exercise coach, your personal dance  instructor, your yoga instructor, your massage therapist, your  nutritional coach, and your personal stylist.

You get to eat only the best foods on the planet–foods that are  customized to your body’s needs without you having to think about it. The gourmet, fresh, organic foods rejuvenate and refresh every cell in  your body.

Then you are invited to do rejuvenating exercises that draw energy to your body.

Finally, get a makeover to show off your beautiful goddess self–have your own personal stylist show you how to pick out just the right  colors that make you sparkle and just the right clothes that accentuate you in all the right places. So you feel beautiful, sexy, and confident.

Whether you’re an overworked and stressed out professional who wants to discover how to truly relax, rejuvenate, and revive your body or you’re a stressed out high-powered executive who’s too busy to slow down, I’ve created “The Ultimate Urban VIP Body & Soul Elite Retreat” to reboot your body towards health, happiness, and fun!

“The Ultimate Urban VIP Body & Soul Elite Retreat” program is a VIP coaching experience conducted in person, over the course of a single day – You come to me, leave your worries behind, and supercharge your body’s vitality! (Don’t worry, we’ll take plenty of breaks so we  stay at our best!)

This retreat will be completely devoted to your body and soul transformation. You’ll walk away from the VIP retreat day not just with  a plan, but significant TANGIBLE RESULTS in your body and your life.

Here’s what you’ll receive as a VIP client in this program:

1. An in-depth body and soul transformational 2-days with me, where we’ll accomplish the following:

1. Your Own One-on-One Personal Body Reboot Session– choose from your own one-on-one personal training session, yoga or private dance class session (ballet or modern dance) with yours truly…to awaken your body and tone your muscles! Give your body the lovin’ and pleasure it desires…

We’ll dive into all areas of your life – including the foods you’re eating, the thoughts you’re thinking, the challenges and resistance you have to attaining and maintaining your ideal body–and as a result, we’ll create more abundance, ease and flow in your life than you can imagine…
Essential Oils Immersion Session – supercharge your body, mind, and soul with oils that lift your vibration and spirit, while quieting your mind and opening your creativity…
“Farmer’s Market Tour” and/or “Whole Foods Market Tour” with me– to inspire you with my secret shopping list of foods that taste outrageously good and make your friends say “I’ll have what she’s having.” Discover the best foods on the planet from NYC’s Union Square Farmer’s Market (optional)…
You’re going to have a personal chef for the day. A whole day of food catered to your metabolic type and delivered to you personally…
“Get the glow” delicious lunch with me so you immediately feel energized, while discovering the secrets to losing weight and have more energy just by how you eat…
Morning Guided Visualization– wake up ready to meet your ideal body and to manifest your dream body and life…
Create your own uncensored soul-inspiring vision for your goddess life…
Design your very own healthy lifestyle plan for results that last so you don’t fall into the same old food ruts when you’re with family, on the go, traveling, or out with friends…
Personal Holistic Stylist– get a makeover to show off your beautiful goddess self – have your own personal stylist show you  how to pick out just the right colors that make you sparkle and just the right clothes that accent you in all the right places. So you feel beautiful, sexy, and confident…
Get real! Actionize your plan in the context of your busy lifestyle so you know exactly what to do after our retreat to live into this glorious vision over the next few months and years to come…

2. Simple pre-session Body & Soul Detox Assessment to help us both show up focused, energized and ready to rock! (This will help us make the most of our time together.)

3. Post-session Action Steps and customized checklists to get  you into IMMEDIATE action

4. Two 30-minute accountability sessions scheduled within 30 days of your VIP day, to celebrate, answer any questions and refine your healthy lifestyle plan

5. Priority email access for quick questions and support between sessions so you’re not going it alone

To apply for a VIP coaching package…

 set up a time to talk with me by clicking here.



If you are accepted for a VIP Retreat day, your package will include a FULL scholarship to the following super juicy bonuses! ($2,557 EXTRA Value!)


Personal Driver Between Airport and Hotel (both arriving and deparing, a $250 value)

The minute you step off the plane you are supported so you don’t have to worry about anything. You will be greeted by a driver that will pick you up and help you with your luggage and take you to your hotel.


A Two Night Stay in NYC’s Finest, Top-Notch Luxury Hotel (a $500 value)

In order to set the mood for your healing I have selected the perfect hotel to make sure you are in the most relaxing and rejuvenating space.


Your Own Personal Masseuse (a $199 value)

There is no better way to relax and stat off your VIP Retreat than a massage in your hotel room. Your retreat starts the minute you land. Enjoy a 1 hour massage to melt away your worries and concerns after you arrive at your hotel, while rejuvenating your mind and body.


Goddess Pampering, Self-Nourishment Kit: Way to Feed your Soul & Get your Sparkle Back (a $297 value)

This will be a surprise when you arrive! I love keeping this one a secret because it’s so pleasurable.


YES, Danyelle! I’d like to sign up for one of your VIP Body &  Soul Reboot Elite Retreat for 2013, so that I can receive your personal, 1-on-1 in person results coaching to reboot my body, my life and the habits that are robbing my sparkle!

To apply for a VIP coaching package…

 set up a time to talk with me by clicking here.

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